Thermal-FIST  1.3
Package for hadron resonance gas model applications
Thermal-FIST library documentation

This documentation details the classes, structures, and functions of the Thermal-FIST library as well as some usage examples. It should be useful for using the library in C++ macros for performing various HRG model calculations, or for making modifications to the library code.

Downloading and building the package

The library itself is available on GitHub at

See the building instructions

Structure of the library

Usage examples

Some examples of using the library in a C++ program can be found in Examples

The package also includes the graphical user interface frontend – QtThermalFIST. Some of the typical thermal model analysis tasks, such as calculating the equation of state properties or performing the thermal fits, can be done in GUI. Using the GUI can therefore be a good starting point. See the Quick Start Guide to get started.

An example of using the Thermal-FIST library as a git submodule can be found in the following repository

The library can be used in Jupyter interactive notebooks. Please see and for samples